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The following explanations etc. are specifically as applied to my methods of teaching Wudang Tai Chi Chuan, (also known as Practical Tai Chi Chuan ) these follow from the teachings of Dan Docherty and his teacher the late eminent Master Cheng Tin Hung of Hong Kong. Although many of the Five Aspects are followed by most of the Styles, not all follow all five, I follow all five.

The Five Aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.

There are five aspects which make up the traditional Tai Chi Chuan syllabus. They should be regarded as complementary and interdependent rather than completely separate entities.

1 .The Hand Form (Tao Chuan).

This is a series of set moves performed in flowing manner. There is a long form (traditional) and a short form (this is what beginners will be taught). The long form can take half an hour or more to perform. The form should be practised slowly and in a relaxed manner. Practice helps to improve co-ordination, posture and balance.

Hand Form
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