2. Pushing Hands (Tui Shou)

The name can be misleading, as some of the drills which you will be taught are not restricted to "pushing" or indeed the "hands". The term refers to the partnered drills which will improve sensitivity, balance/footwork, angle, timing and co-ordination, as well as how to disrupt an opponents centre of gravity. There are various methods of pushing hands in competitions.

Tui Shou

3. Self Defence (San Shou).

Many Tai Chi teachers do not teach self defence and many who do, seldom do so in a practical way, usually following techniques as executed in the forms. Many Tai Chi techniques are not found in the forms, and in any case the forms are based on self defence techniques rather than the other way. Tai Chi Chuan is fundamentally a counter-attacking style using low kicks, strikes, grappling and throwing techniques. Conditioning methods are advisable along with the learning of these techniques.

San Shou
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