There are three traditional Tai Chi weapons, these are Sabre (Dao), Straight Sword (Jian) and Spear ( Qiang). These are usually taught after students have gained some level of proficiency in hand form, pushing hands and self defence.

5. Internal Strength ( Nei Kung)

Many of the styles of Tai Chi Chuan do not teach this, or indeed have over the years forgotten the methods, remembering that the traditional method of transmission was by word of mouth and demonstration. It is part of the Wudang tradition and if a sufficient level of proficiency is attained and the student is considered a right person to receive the instruction, in the opinion of the instructor, they may be put forward for this training. Firstly you would attend an initial ceremony,Click for Nei Kung Videoknown as Bai Shai and the first part of the training would be given. All subsequent training would be given when I thought that the necessary expertise had been acquired , Nei Kung ( Internal Strength ) is part of what is known as inside the door training, in other words it is not taught in open classes and then only after the student has under gone the initial ceremony and training. It consists of 24 exercises; 12 Yin and 12 Yang, these exercises have therapeutic, meditative and self defence aspects. The training is demanding and not lightly undertaken.

Click to watch Tai Chi Chuan Nei Kung demonstration - Cloud Dragon School
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