Andrew Harris - Instructor demonstrating Hand Form Position " Single Whip"

Andrew has studied Tai Chi Chuan, specifically Wudang Style for over 20 years. He is an inside the door student of Master Dan Docherty and has studied extensively under his tutelage. He entered many competitions and was successful in obtaining Gold and other medals at various of the country’s open competitions culminating in Gold medals at both the British Open and at the European Open.

He was made a Master Instructor Grade in 2005. He teaches Wudang Style Tai Chi Chuan and adheres the teachings of Master Dan Docherty of Practical Tai Chi International and also Dan’s teacher the late eminent Grandmaster Cheng Ting-Hung of Hong Kong. He has been teaching classes since 1999 and formed the present school of Cloud Dragon Tai Chi Chuan, under his instruction the school has prospered and has a strong and varied student base of about 40 students, they vary in age from 10-80 years, and wide variety of professions. His students have also been successful at a number of competitions including the British Open collecting several gold medals and numerous Silver and Bronze.